The Blades of Acktar: Review

The Blades of Acktar, by Tricia Mingerink Personal Rating 5 out of 5 stars Genre Medieval Fantasy (no magic) Plot In the first book, Dare , we meet the main character Leith Torren. He was trained to be a blade (an assassin, basically) by the main villain, King Respen. Respen is hunting down Christians, and sending out his blades to spy on and kill believers. Leith is injured during a blizzard, and stumbles into a house, where he is saved by Renna. Renna is a Christian, and now has to decide what to do: save her enemy, and risk him discovering she is a Christian; or leave him to die. Throughout the rest of the series, Leith slowly becomes accepting of hearing the Gospel, and finally professes his faith. He then stands up in a resistance to put the rightful king on the throne, and take down the persecutor who has usurped the kingdom. The Blades of Acktar  is a beautiful series of how Leith becomes a Christian and deals with his tragic past. It's Renna learning how to stand firm in he

About My Book Reviews

Thank you for stopping by my blog! While I will occasionally post updates on my own books and their upcoming releases (or other events), I plan to focus on writing book reviews. My goal is to have my blog be a place where people can find more good, clean books to read. I was homeschooled all the way, and was an avid reader. My poor mother was always looking for more books for me to read. Unfortunately, many books in the library were full of content we did not appreciate.  And personally, as I got older, I began to become dissatisfied  with even the "classic literature" recommended  in school reading lists and curriculums. (Did you know there's a bedroom scene in The Three Musketeers ??) When I began writing, it was out of a desire to have the stories I wanted to read. And, it turns out, I was not the only one. There is a small, often unheard-of, niche of Christian fiction, often self-published, or published through small, independent presses. These books often do not make

The Lost Bard of Taliyaven: Beginnings

 Good morning everyone! Today I'm going to share a quick history about The Lost Bard of Taliyaven ! Draft One (July 2015) Word Count: 80,178 Opening Line: If anyone asks for me, you’ll tell them that I'm dead.  Closing Line:  She loved to hear Ondore speak, but now she would always dread it, waiting for that voice of gold to command her to do something terrible, or perhaps brave.   I was trying a new outlining structure at the suggestions of my new writing group, The Order of the Pen. My outline was three brief paragraphs, depicting the beginning, middle, and end of the story. The "plot" was merely an expansion of a brief dream I had, populated with some old Lord of the Rings RPG characters. The POV character was a village girl named Kalmarra, nicknamed Kal. An army attacked her home and she traveled to the city with her parents and sister. She met a mute band captain named Duran, with an overly-excitable brother named Jaren. There is also another band warrior named

The Lost Bard of Taliyaven: Release

  Today is the day!! The Lost Bard of Taliyaven  is now published and available to purchase! You can buy signed paperbacks off our website HERE and you can also order ebooks on Amazon HERE . You can also buy paperbacks from Amazon HERE (but if you buy from our website, you get it signed!). Pre-orders (as well as any orders during this week) from our website will receive some cool swag: character cards, a handkerchief, sticker, tea, honey stick, and a verse card. If you purchase from our website, you will be entered into a giveaway for the blue mug (pictured below with the regular pre-order swag) and some extra tea and honey. It is my hope that Masha's story delights and encourages readers. These characters have been with me since 2015, and I'm afraid I've grown very close to them. They did not "take over" the story, nor did they "surprise" me. They simply went about their lives and braved dangers and risked challenges while I followed along behind with a

The Lost Bard of Taliyaven: Introduction and Blurb

Allow me to formally introduce  The Lost Bard of Taliyaven . There will be sign-ups for a cover reveal soon, but I wanted to start the process by simply sharing about this story, and maybe hype y'all up just a touch. While the book itself releases in June of this year (yikes!!), I started writing it way back in 2015, for a Camp NaNo project. I grabbed a vague plot from my "dream notebook", threw in some old RPG characters, and spat out a fun little story. And oy, how she has grown! So what is the book officially about? Here's the blurb: A long-awaited war begins at last. Alexci Golovkin’s plan to overthrow Arribor is about to be set in motion. Only one person stands in his way: Duren Akszenyuk, the mad captain of Arribor’s west band. Alexci sends out his silencer, a man trained to kill, to eliminate this final obstacle. Ever since Blackburn spread lies about her past, no one has fully trusted Kráľovná Nataŝa. Desperate to clear her name and save her city, Nataŝa begin

Pirate Hunter Legends: Release

Today is the release day for Pirate Hunter Legends , a compilation of short stories that take place before, during, and after the events in the Pirate Hunter Chronicles. We are doing a soft release, since this book is best read after the PHC's really a thank you to our readers, a final goodbye before we move on to different stories. (Also, it is available in hardback...which is super awesome!) You can purchase signed paperbacks HERE and signed hardbacks HERE . You can also purchase ebooks via Amazon  HERE .

2022 Release List

Some big things are happening this year, and one of the most exciting things is the 2022 release slate for The Order of the Pen Press. Our first release was in 2020, with Ships, Secrets, and Survivors , the first book in the Pirate Hunter Chronicles. Sarah Rodecker and I co-authored this book, and created the business as a better, easier way to publish it. Then, in 2021, we published the last 3 books in the pirate series. This year opens up with some very exciting stories, in a variety of genres, and I am very happy to finally get to share about them. March: Pirate Hunter Legends by Sarah Rodecker and Helena  Š.  George This is a collection of short stories about the characters in the Pirate Hunter Chronicles. Some are the stories that readers received in their pre-order swag. Others are snippets and flash fictions that we wrote during the drafting process of the series to help us understand characters better. And some are brand new, written just for this little collection. Readers an